Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sunday, 20 November 2011

"Seminar Bertumbuh Dalam Roh"

It's fun .. full of activities   
~~18th- 20th November 2011~~

Ochee, Me & Ann 

~Praise and worship~

Outside the church~

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dreams vs Imaginations

Dreams vs Imagination ??

Which of the word is more powerful ??

 Imagination brings us wonderful things ! :)

Achieve dreams ??

I think, if we want to achieve our ambition, it must start with an imagination and dreams~ ^^ 
Hopefully, it'll come true ;DD

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Hhuh .. today is 10/11/11 .. 
I'm sad because tomorrow will be the last day to go to school ..
and~ the holidays is coming over ..
I don't know what am I suppose to do .. :(

1H ( Rock )

         I <3 staying in 1H class because most of them are cool ! They can play guitar very well. They <3 to sing, not like me. In my class, most of the students do not like to sing. But the boys have shwn their true colours. They sing !! >< aww .. hahahha ! 1H students are friendly .. and again, not like me, and that's a pity.
         Urghh ! I hate it when someone say "Hye". Like there's no other intro. Caldric Clement ?? He kept on asking me, "Kw level 1 ??" .. "Bah, rajin2 lah p class music". He didn't know my true position. I'm in level 3. I knew, he's in Grade 3. But, he's too annoying ! Oh damn, pleaseeeeeeeeee !! ><"
         I think, this boy is annoying too. He kept on saying "I'm single". I was like "Are you single and available?? Hhha .. listen Leonerd. You already have a girlfriend and she's my friend. Ezrannie". He's a bit shock, "How do you knew? Oh. yes ! Facebook ..". Then, he continues saying "I'm single". Irritating !! xP
         But nvm, he's still in Form 1. Hahahha .. it's normal for a boy like him. Hushh hushh .. Btw, I'm not going to school today. There's a convocation for the form 6 students. And I'm not doing anything. Except watching them .. go to the hnted house and pretend like my fake character .. Miss Dunno. Hhahahah .. xD

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Out from Stress

Fhuh ! Now, I can say " I'm free !". 
The excel 1 for form 2 was over ! 
I can rest my mind and think of something else .. 
I didn't pay my attention while answering the Geo's paper today ..
How come the questions be so hard ?? I'm in trouble .. ><"
Stuck in the moment .. lawl ! 
Maybe .. the results will be given next year~
Think of UPSR .. It's over ..
Think of PMR .. Relax 1st
Think of SPM .. Gosh, Darn it !
Urghhh .. Guess that I'm not in standby mood =.='

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